Hey guys!

I know what you’re thinking- Why are the pine tree fields closed?! It’s only the weekend after Thanksgiving! Here’s a little background on what’s been going on around here and where we’re headed!

As most of you know, my parents, Nick and Nancy, have been operating the farm for the past 25 years together. They planted their first trees together in 89 while they were still dating! Now, they are passing along the tradition and farm to their daughter and son-in-law, Burren and Heather Reed. We are excited to keep the farm going and see all the familiar faces returning for their annual traditions and the new faces starting their own traditions!

What does that have to do with closing the fields? Well, my parents had decided a few years ago that they were not going to continue the farm and were going to sell what they had left over the next few years and then close the farm. This is why the inventory became low in the fields.

Well why haven’t y’all grown more since you decided to keep it going? We have! The trees we grow here, Virginia Pines, take 4-5 years to get big enough to become that perfect CHRISTmas tree though! Each year we will be planting more trees in hopes to increase the available inventory in the fields. Thank y’all for being patient with us as we hope to continue being part of your CHRISTmas traditions!

I hope this helps answers some questions you may have! If you have anymore give us a call and we’d be glad to visit with you!

We are still open for Frazier Fir trees and still have all the fun farm amenities minus the pines! We hope to see y’all!

-The Reeds